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Fear the Unholy Flame
Fear the Unholy Flame 02
The sun began to set and the orgies of the night would soon commence. Calista had led the naked whores to the wealthiest of people to find Uriel. Eventually she was informed of a broken hut on the far side of the kingdom.
On the northeast is a fishing bay on the southeast is the farmlands and on the west is the cattle ranches but on the southern outskirts is the smelly swamp. The impoverished are forced to live near the swamp. Uriel's home is in the impoverished section of the kingdom.
After eating his food reserves Uriel knew that last loaf of bread should last him for the next two days but it's not enough. His clothes were worn out rags which barely kept him warm. And his bed sheets were infested by bed bugs.
Several people of the impoverished population became infected by a disease spread from the bugs. People ended up with swollen sores which ooze puss in the area  of the bite. Today Uriel would have become infected but there came a visitor to his door
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Waterfall of Baptism
Her brother's birthrite is to become a warrior but she excelled him in every way. They may have trained together and graduated in honors but Mintaka proved herself to be superior both in skill and spirit. Her birthrite is to administer a priesthood and for her a temple is to be created.
The nation is bound to be segregated and the congregation determined that order will be established by Kingdoms and all will be for an empire. This empire will be Armageddon.
Orion's three children were separated seven years after birth. Alnilam's mother is a member of a female league of warriors. To be trained in combat Mintaka instead of Alnilam at age seven was taken. Alnilam's mother's best friend cared for Mintaka during her early years. And after all these years of training she journeys back to her fathers home. She intends to learn more about her mother's mystery.
Orion held a meeting upon her arrival. And on that day her brother Alnilam had also come coincidentally. Rigel, Saiph and Ishtar waite
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Tree of Wrath and Fertility
Traveling into the forest is Terror he knows the direction towards the Tree of Wrath. Having embarked on the journey to the tree alone he goes to familiarize himself with the environment. Near the tree fruits which fall become eggs and hatch into imps. The imps rest near the tree and are as tall as monkeys. They have cat ears with a dogs snout and a cobras fangs.
They play around the tree. And Terror approaches and undead as he is, lingers a stench of death. He arrives a messenger of the congregation. For he is an abomination and his life is expendable with a good cause.
"I am a messenger of the congregation. I arrive with a message of your coming destruction. I been sent with the sword to decimate you imps. That is the cause of my sacrifice." -Terror
And the imps acknowledged him as a threat.  They gathered around him dancing. Terror unsheathe his short sword waiting for any attack to defend against. The imps began tossing stones at him and Terror deflected them with his swift sh
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Purge of Demoloch
The Purge of Demoloch 01
The congregation of leaders gathered in the Chapel of Demoloch. The observation of prophecy is in effect. All pregnant  woman were to be counted for analysis. Ishtar became the prime candidate for its fulfillment.
The multitude of the nation is to be segregated into kingdoms then law will be established. Today Ishtar will give birth to the first emperor of Armageddon. For he will be an emperor of kings.
Alnitak not only resurrected Ishtar but also changed her form to woman. At sunset she gave birth.
On a brothel's entrance wall a mural painted depicted an enlistment advertisement for a band of warriors. Rumor of a diabological carnivorous giant tree in the valley of forestry within the eastern mountain range is well known. This enlistment is to gather and train its members for battle and for survival in the perilous venture.
A common brothel customer called Virus is the one who organized this enlistment. People reported to him concerning the journey. Yet h
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Constitution of Order 01
In the beginning there was no order. The world was chaotic. The fierce wind stormed and the earth hateful. People were immoral, violent and sinful. Then a divine agent was issued forth from heaven almighty and with her came disaster. Her name is Tsunami, goddess of the storm.
She is the beginning of an era and the end of an age. She is an apocalyptic goddess for the destruction of human civilization! She commanded the sky and controlled the atmosphere. She summoned and gathered storms. And from her mouth withdrew fire with a scorch like the surface of the sun. With her came a decade of destruction. And the earth's atmosphere became enshrouded by hurricanes and tornados. Lightning and thunder became the reckoning of her sheer destruction.
Leaders of tribes gathered in the house of Noah. They discussed a foundation of congregation among their people, The unification of the multitude, and the establishment of law.
At the end of this apocalyptic decade the hearts of men continued to be dri
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Bondage of the Whores
The great boars of the valley assembled in the grasslands eating the tall grass. They travel in herds. Omnivores of the great plains which lie near Arcadia, the Kingdom of Treasury. Towards the northern horizon are the grasslands a valley stretched to the beyond.
There in this valley men hunt the boars to bring food for Abydos but there is sorcery at work. And the will of evil gathers in rituals at night where a great flame is worshipped by orgies. The children born to these sinful females are cast into flame but some are cared for. This is the desires of lust and the abortions of the newly born.
The flame ignites on its own with no one to spark the fire. The fire appears from the shadows. Invoked by the sins of the flesh and aroused by sounds of their lust. The flame cannot be extinguished during the orgy.
All who participate must face death and when all die the fire will take its physical form then the evil can be exterminated but as long as it feeds off their sins the evil grows str
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Mature content
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Goddess of the Night 10
"He will be The light of the almighty and a blessing of the spirit of death a messenger of God is to be born", inscribed is in the Chapel of Demoloch where prophecy is not written by mankind. Considered holy the chapel is where the revelation of prophecy is found. For here the congregation knows it is a sacred monument where words appear for man to read. Yet they do not know what it means. Since it was read all pregnant women were gathered to be analyzed.
People woke up at night! Fear spread during the hours of darkness and startled by the Wraith which wandered the streets. In Demoloch a whisper lingered in the wind and everyone of the Kingdom heard a name condemned by the utmost of authority. She is Artemis a goddess of the night whose form is a wraith. And in the night she wandered the streets seeking to free Orion from his imprisonment.
"Who is there?" - Orion  awoken by the stench death found someone moving in the dark.
"Look upon me and do not fear. For I am a goddess of the
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Messenger of Divine Judgment 06
"Behold, the fountain of purification. Now go and bathe yourself, Archtrion." - Noah
"That I shall do! Look upon me Virus for you have slandered me and my mother as evil but today this fountain will extend my life for a thousand years!" -Archtrion
"What?! Noah, why would you this? He is a threat to the nation!" -Virus
"Not at the moment he is not. And the fountain will determine whether he is good or evil. If he is not good surely he will die!" -Noah
The great Archtrion laid and submerged into the water and held his breath as long as he could. Quickly he resurfaced head first and he stood up drenched.
"The fountain has identified you and no death has come to you therefore you are good. Before you leave the empire we will honor you with clothes. Come let us discuss a liaison of your army with that of men. We will mobilize the nation of the multitude! People will recognize the Law of our Kings and command will be established for the son of Ishtar. This is the will of the Congregation of
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Forearm Bladed Cyber Serpent vs Territorial Mountainous Megachasma Lizard
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